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Get xforce cracks, keygen, serial, and registration codes for any software. The invention relates to a method of manufacturing a film-like material that has long service life and enhanced performance, which is made of metal. There are many cases where a film-like material has been used for enhancing the performance, as well as for enhanced appearance and longer service life. These include for example a tool strip, an oil pan cover, and a pipe. These products are formed by combining a roll of film (hereinafter referred to as the film roll) and a material roll, which is a roll of a metal material of which the surface is formed into a roll. When the product is formed, the material is unwound from the material roll and the film roll is overlaid to the material roll, thereby forming the product. As the metal material, a metal strip for pipe, such as of aluminum, steel, copper, or the like is used. In the case of a stainless steel strip (e.g., SUS304), an annealing treatment is applied to the strip so as to make it harder, and to improve its corrosion resistance. In the case of a brass strip (e.g., SUS440C), it has been common to apply a phosphating treatment thereto so as to make it harder. In recent years, materials made of a stainless steel strip (e.g., SUS304) or a brass strip (e.g., SUS440C) have been formed by a method (hereinafter referred to as a sheet forming method) in which the materials are unwound from a roll in the same direction as the strip and are wound around a winding core in an overlapping manner. As a result of this, the surface of the strip is not oriented, which is different from the process in which the strip is annealed or phosphated. In the above-described conventional sheet forming method, the strip is annealed or phosphated, and then the strip is unwound from the material roll to make it possible to overlap the strip and the film roll, thereby forming the product. In this case, an adhesive is applied to the portion of the material that has been overlapped with the film roll in the course of the manufacture of the product. In the conventional sheet forming method, however, the annealing or phosphating step is applied to the strip at a step immediately before the strip is overlapped with the film be359ba680

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